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Fiber Processing

It is our intention to offer high quality service with affordable pricing – we want to help you get your fleece out of storage and into the market place.

Price List Effective June1, 2022

All Prices per pound based on incoming weight and include all services start to finish. Pricing is for Camelid fibers only.
Please note: Suri is an additional $5 per pound on all services.

We look forward to servicing your order.

Fiber Processing Form

Processing to Yarn

Includes tumbling, washing, picking, dehairing, carding, draw frame, spinning, plying, skeining and washing of finished skeins.

Lace Weight $50.00 per pound Finger Weight $40.00 per pound
Sport, Dk,Worsted and Bulky $30 per pound

Roving and Batting

Includes tumbling,washing, picking, dehairing and carding
$18.00 per pound

Rug Yarn/Core Spun

Great use for good seconds Neck and rump, we do not process leg and belly fiber – Includes tumbling,washing picking and carding on to cotton core.
$22.00 per pound

Felt – Machine Needle Felting

Includes tumbling, washing, picking, dehairing, carding and felting
Carded into batts and felted to fabric that can be cut and sewn. $35.00 per pound. Sheets can be made Light, Medium or Heavy Weight

Needle felted rugs $30 per pound plus cost of burlap – this is a great use for clean 2nds and 3rds.

Needle Felted Insoles $30 per pound to felt includes cutting charges. Available in 5 sizes ranging from youth to mens 15.

Blending Fibers available

Merino in 19.5 and 21.5 micron dyed and Ecru, Corriedale, Bamboo, Tencel, Silk, Firestar and Angelina Fibers for sparkle. We will be happy to consult with you on blends.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Information & Policies

  • Skirting of Fleece
    • Skirting is not included in the price of processing. The cleaner your incoming fleece is, the better your finished product will be. All hay heads, burrs, twigs, turds, toenails and other visible debris must be removed prior to arrival at the mill. We do not currently offer skirting services.
  • Fleece Requirements
    • All fiber must be a minimum of 2 1/2 inches in length and no longer than 6 inches. Fleeces in excess of 5″ will be spun to lopi style.
  • Payment & Pickup
    • New clients will be required to make a deposit upon receipt of fleece. Balance of Payment is due immediately upon completion of order unless previous arrangements have been made. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check, cash and PayPal. Any product not paid for in 30 days from completion becomes the property of Stramba Farm and will be sold to cover losses.
  • Shipping Instructions
    • Please include contact information and instructions. We will contact you on receipt or if you are local call and schedule a drop off.