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As an Artisan Fiber Mill, we specialize in small batch custom blends.  Our yarn batches are one of kind and although we can repeat the formal to get similar results we can never quarentee a match to a previous batch.  Keep this in mind when buying for a project or stash building.  Our yarns are made from fiber grown on our farm or locally sourced so we truly are "Grown Here, Spun Here, Sold Here ".  So check back often and if there is a blend or colorway you would like to see just drop us a line and we will see what we can create.
  super bulky  

Gauge:  2.5 sts/inch
Needle:  US 13 (9mm) and up

Purchase:  By the Yard, $1 per yard
                By the 120 yard Bump $85

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Core Spun Natural Heathers

$1.00 - $85.00