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Stramba Farm

Stramba Farm is home to 26 alpacas, 2 Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs, Mike the Mule, a handful of Beef Cows and numerous barn cats. We are heavily focused on fiber production to feed our off-site Fiber Mill. We can take the fleece we grow and turn into beautiful yarn for knitting, crocheting or weaving. Roving and batting for spinners or felters and felt in a variety of weights.

We welcome you to schedule a time to visit. With the addition of the mill, our workload has increased and we can no longer accommodate drop-in visits as we have to shut down the mill to go to the barn so Please call to schedule a visit with the animals.

Shearing happens once a year usually right around Mother's day for us – it is a big event here and we always welcome extra hands.

A few tips – if you are planning a visit just remember this is a working farm and dirt and dust are everywhere. We have working livestock guardian dogs that live with the alpacas so we have to insist that you not bring pets.